Did you ever want to:

  • Pull the throttle of an 1880’s narrow gauge locomotive.

  • Experience the feel of gliding along cliffs and wedge through narrow cuts.

  • Feel the heat of the locomotive on a crisp high-altitude day.

Rocky Mountain narrow gauge railroading is your passion.

Join us to help ensure that the last three remaining D&RGW Class 60 / C-16 locomotives are elevated to museum class equipment. Our organization is committed to the three remaining C-16 locomotives.

#223 - #268 - #278.

In joining the C16 Society we will build an organization needed to reach our shared vision and goals.

Website banner is a photoshop representation of all three locomotives displayed at the end of the Baldwin Branch out of Gunnison. This branch, originally built by the Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad had light rails and weight restricted bridges and was the contributing factor to the survival of all three C-16's.